Excellent value with a pre-owned Xerox Digital Press.


Looking for a digital press but don’t want the outlay of a brand new machine? Consider our stock of premium condition Xerox C60 / C70 / Versant 80 / Versant 180

Why pre-owned?

As with lots of technology products the depreciation can be quite high, buying a digital press that someone else has covered most of the depreciation, makes financial sense.


No need to worry about expensive repairs, our machines come with the same full Xerox backed warranty as a brand new machine.


Prices for a 2 year old machine are typically less than 50% of a new machine. C60 prices start at £20 per week.


Current Stock – November2019
  • Versant 180, 1 x SRA3 feeder, BR finisher, External EFI EX 180 Fiery, C-612K B-89K
    • £50 per week
  • Versant 80, Dual SRA3 feeder, Professional Booklet finisher, external EFI EX80 Fiery
    • £39 per week
  • J75, Professional Booklet Finisher, External EFI EXJ 75 Fiery
    • £21 per week
  • C60, Pro Booklet Finisher, EFI internal “Bustled” Fiery
    • £21.75 per week
  • D95, Single SRA3 feeder, Professional Booklet Finisher
    • £25 per week
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